September 29, 2018 at 5:56 am

Make the Right Decision for Venue Based on Purpose of Meeting

Maintaining a good rapport with our clients or customer is very important for the growth of the business. We cannot always choose luxurious hotels to meet clients for short meetings. We need to understand the purpose of the meeting and then choose the location accordingly.

Fine Line of Difference between a Venue Meeting Room and Hotels

Many people often get confused between a venue meeting room and hotels. Yes, there is a fine line of difference between the two. Venue meeting rooms are a good place to conduct sessions or trainings. These rooms are well equipped with the latest technology. Venue meeting rooms also have break out spaces for you to informally get to know your clients. Another advantage of such hotels is that you have a dedicated staff that will cater to all your requirements.

Hotels are an apt option when it comes to closing important deals or introduce a new product or idea to your client. You can look up at websites such as, if you are planning for a conference or meetings in Quebec. Depending on your budget, hotels might have facilities such as restaurants, bars and other recreational facilities where your clients can relax and enjoy themselves.

Expectations from a Conference Room

First impression is always the last impression with clients. If you plan on meeting a client, then you need to choose the best conference rooms. Some factors to take into consideration are:

  • Choose location that would be easy to reach and placed nearby famous attractions
  • Venue should be accessible by public transport too
  • Maintain a headcount of guests likely to attend the conference and book rooms accordingly
  • Check with the hotel the facilities they have to offer
  • Look at the food menu and the variety of cuisines they have to offer
  • Enquire on the equipment they have for the conference
  • Check the AV to ensure that there are in perfect working order

Ensure that you ask for a quote and research accordingly. Make a list of reputable conference hotels and negotiate on the prices to get the best deals. Some hotels even offer group discounts, so ensure that you do not miss out on those deals.

Never miss out on the opportunity to advertise your company. Talk with the hotel and check if they have facilities to place signage or electronic marquee near the conference room entrance or next to the lifts.


Perfect planning can help in building the reputation of the business. Paying attention to every detail about the conference can help in building a good rapport with your customers.

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